chain length
Price range
Handmade chain consisting of vertical parts made of square wire...


Handcurved circle shaped wire ring..


Hand carved sculptural hair piece with a closing clip..


Handmade highly polished cuff, consisting of two hand-curved asymmetrical bangles...


Handmade earrings consist of a curved square shaped wire part and a smaller circle shaped wire curve..


Handmade Chain necklace featuring a circular beaded part.Currently sold out, please allow 5-7 additi..


Handcrafted circular part with a closing clip...


Handmade highly polished cuff, consisting of a circle bangle & a hand carved asymmetrical piece ..


Chain necklace featuring an oval shaped engraved pendant..


Handcurved ring consisting of a looped circle shaped wire band and a solid metal beaded half circle ..


Handmade ring consisting of a circle band and a square shaped one...


Handmade chain consisting of curved circular parts and vertical links...


Circle hoops with a circular sculptured part made with the lost wax casting technique...


Handcrafted flat domed ring features a solid head and shoulders..