Price range
Handmade earrings consisting of a circle & an oval band of thick wire...


Handmade earrings consisting of an incomplete circle of which the end flies behind the ear...


Handcrafted earrings, consisting of circle wire part & a smaller square wire one which leads to ..


Handcrafted chain earrings, consisting of a chain part & a solid round one, made of rectangular ..


Handcrafted earrings, consisting of a solid vertical part & a hook style ear pin...


Ear hoop recommended for both first and second hole of the lobule. The first circle hoop lying aroun..


Circle hoops consisting of two bands connecting as parts of a link chain. Worn alone or stacked with..




Sterling silver,gold plated earrings, consisting of a circular part made of square wire & a hook..


Handmade earrings consists of a solid vertical part with a small curve which clasp the lobe of the e..


Handcrafted earrings featuring a hammered waved surface...


The Statement piece of our collection. The beauty of every woman's curves...


Handcrafted hoops consisting of a circle part & a solid moon shaped matte one...


Chain earrings, consisting of a chain part & a hoop...